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Small Lasagne Tray (Cut into 15)$45 per tray
Large Lasagne Tray (Cut into 24 or 30)$70 per tray
Small Vegetarian Lasagne Tray (Cut into 15) $50 per tray
Large Vegetarian Lasagne Tray (Cut into 24 or 30)$75 per tray
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni (30 pieces)$80 per tray



Chicken Drumsticks$3.50 each
Maryland Chicken$4 each
Crumbed Maryland Chicken$4.50 each
Chicken Schnitzel/Chicken Parmigiana$5 each
Roast Chicken (Cut 6 or 8 pieces)$12.50 each



Grilled Basa Whiting$4.50 each

Crumbed Calamari Rings

(1kg serves approximately 15 people)

$22 per kg



Roast Beef/Pork$5.50 each
Veal Schnitzel$6 each
Veal Scaloppini$6 each
Veal Parmigiana$6.50 each
Pork Sausages$18 per kg
Meat Balls (Tray of 100 pieces)$35


Side Dishes

Tray of Fried Rice (Serves approx. 50 people)$45

Tray of Roast Potatoes (Serves approx. 40 people)

(Whole or Sliced)

Tray of Mixed Vegetables (Serves approx. 50 people)$50
Tray of Pizza (Cut into 60 pieces)